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saving printer ink: myth or not?


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Years ago I was told that turning off the printer when it's not in use saves ink. While that may have been true then, I wonder if it is still true with newer printers. I just bought an Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX and I love the printer, but it takes quite a bit of time initializing each time I turn it on. I'd rather leave it on all the time, but if turning it off will save ink then I'll stick with turning it off. So is there validity to what I was told... or is it just something that sounds sensible but really makes no difference at all?


maybe true but dont forget ink is like water it can dry up with either just standing there or using it it makes no diff it dries up so i think myth :p
<hypothetical>An inkjet printer somtimes "cleans it's nose" while printing (often larger prints). Maybe some printers have a habbit of "cleaning their noses" even when idle, say once an hour or so. This could cause a little ink to come out and thus be wasted.</hypothetical>



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Originally posted by Hipster Doofus
If you're not printing you're not using ink.
Let me be a bit more specific. I've heard that when the printer is on, that the cartridges are open to the air and some of the ink can dry up. The ink obviously doesn't evaporate or empty itself. Whatever ink dries up can't be used, and so it's a waste.


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i'm pretty sure the printer doesn't open up the cartridges in any way. or, for that matter, seal them when it's off.


The ink has to be warmed up before it prints (what do you think that long initial powerup time is for) While its warm the viscosity of the ink lowers so taht it flows a lot easier but this also means it'll dry up a lot easier.

If you have the power off, its not constantly being kept warm so instead its got a higher viscosity and less likely to dry.

So if you use your printer a lot, leave it on.

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