Saving Live Streamed Music


I may actually be insane.
Save the .ram file on your hard disk, then open it with notepad/wordpad...
you should get the http location of the .rm file, simply put that url in a download manager (if you open it in IE it'll try using Real Player to open it)

If the link isn't a http:// link then you'll need some sort of app to get it, as you can't download directly from Real Media servers (i dont think you can anyway ?)

Howling Wolf

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Was going to say the same as Funky Dredd, you can use an audio recorder (I use Creative's one) to capture the sound which will save it in .mp3 or .wav according to your prefered choice...


I may actually be insane.
There's not much point using an external application to "record" realmedia, as the quality is poor in comparison to a normal wav or mp3 so you end up with a bigger file thats no better quality.