Saving JPG Files in IE6



I am running Windows XP with of course IE6. Lately when I try to save a JPG
file It is saved as a JPEG file ( I know they are the same but I have
several apps that will not read this ext. including the IE6 save dialog.)
This just started happening. I cannot think of any changes that I made that
would have caused this. It appears to be unrelated to the only can save as
BMP problem, I have tried those fixes. Does anyone have any ideas on how to
fix this other than manually changing each file extension?

Thanks in advance Dan
This isn't a answer the the problem just a Q/

wait? the programs will not read the file if it is jpeg, but if you rename it manually to jpg it reads it? have you tried just opening the files in the app? I just can't think of any app that would discriminate because of the ending when it is a support file type, or are you trying to say when you double click on the jpeg files they don't auto open cause the app is not associated with them.
If the file I am trying to save has the extension .jpg Internet Explorer changes it to JPEG when I try to save it. This never happened before. The save picture dialog in IE^ does not show the filenames of JPEG files saved. I'm just trying to figure out why the extension gets changed and how to stop it from happening.
Thanks for reading my posts and tryuing to figure out what I am asking. DAN

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