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Saving Firefox for Windows 7


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I live in Ireland and I understand that when I get Windows 7 it will not have Internet Explorer included so you will have to download an Internet service. I have an IE8 download stored on an exterior hard drive but was wondering can you download Firefox and save it for future use? From what I have done in the past when dowloading Firefox it installs instantly.


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Yes there is a portable version of Firefox that you can keep on a USB stick, CD, DVD whatever you wish.

See http://portableapps.com/news/2009-07-17_-_firefox_portable_3.5.1

IE8 URL is http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/worldwide-sites.aspx

BTW, a lot of Shops will probably be supplying IE8 on a CD when you buy Windows 7.
You may wish to check your shop.

This site supplies Firefox as a file. Just right click on a link of your choice and select the option to save it to your hard drive.


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Yes, you can download the FireFox installer and store it on your external HD for later. :) Or did you want to install it now the external?


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I retired and moved to Southern Ireland from UK, so I use the UK version. Have not learnt Gaelic yet and don't expect that I will as most over here use the English language but I must admit that some accents are hard to understand but that is my problem.

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