I figured as much. I did a search for the topic and tried a few things but didn't see anything.
What sort of idiot would donate anyway. You'd have to be as brainless as the person doing it.
the guy doing it is not brainless, just criminal. Actually, it might all be a hoax just to get money, possibly he doesn't even have a rabbit...

It's blackmail, sounds like what the terrorists in Iraq are doing with people: "Get out or we'll kill him/her/them!", "Give me money or I'll kill Toby!" Heck, I feel like sueing this person for emotional damage... Maybe we should all do that...

This person will probably claim it's just a joke though...
How anyone can fall for scams like this is beyond me, it really is.
used to eat rabbit spaghetti after when went hunting in the hills in WY. ahh the good old days.
actually a lot of people eat rabbits, they do in egypt, i cant though, i get grossed out. cant eat seafood (except for tuna, and another fish i dont know the name in english) my sisters and a friend grossed me out when i was 3 so i never ate again
I've eaten rabbit and it's horrible,my dad shoots them over the fields then brings them home to cook.Theres always a dead one hanging up in the garage :crosseyed: :dead:
There is quite a moral difference between shooting and eating a wild rabbit and killing a tame animal that was bred to be a pet.
that would create a very thin line between pets and farms? do u consider good old betsy (the known cow) as a pet or meat/milk despenser? i do agree with u though e thats just not right
...heard the guy ( on the radio. Actually the guy is very shrewd.
Most people are not donating outright...most are actually buying the merchandise from his Site which is the guys intent anyway...some of the stuff is very popular (t-shirts, etc).

What he is doing is perfectly legal, and is in no way is he defrauding anyone.
There was alot of discussion about whether or not this was extortion, etd...but it boils down to is his Rabbit. It would only be extortion if it were YOUR rabbit he was threatening to eat. You can go to Chinatown and buy a rabbit any day of the week, eating rabbits is common and legal. Whether you like to eat rabbit or not is another matter.
Personally I think the guy is just trying to piss of PETA.

Anyway, they guy was interesting to listen to, and it was even more interesting listening to all the people who were reacting to him. Most of them became totally unhinged, made no sense, could not put together a reasonable valid arguement against the guy, and many of them resorted to making threats against the guy and the radio station.

Anyway, the guy is really interested in selling his "save Toby hats, mugs and T-shirts". He has very successfully created a nice nich for himself and his product.

..personally, I would rather have a nice plate of escargots....Smothered in garlic (of course) :)

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