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I have XP on a domain, however, I don't have the PC log into the domain. When I need to access a network resource, I just RUN \\computer\sharename and I get challenged for user name and password. Now, normally I never have windows save passwords but in this one instance on one resource, I told it to save this password. Not problem really, until my network password expired and I changed it. Now, if I type in the server name I am trying to access (\\computer), XP just submits the saved password until it locks me out a few seconds later. I have not found where one can go to clear the password for network resources. Clearing the passwords in IE does not affect this. Any ideas? (incidentally, I reset my password on our network back to my original so I can contninue working)



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Open up the user accounts control panel. Click the user that you want to remove. Under "Related Tasks" select "Manage My Network Passwords".

There, you can select your stored passwords for shares and whatnot, and clear them from being stored.


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