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Savage Eden

ROCKS! if you like Diablo but are tired of it... move into the world that is 'Savage Eden' its like "Fung Wan Online" but faster and better!!

swords, axes, guns, magic, staffs... need more?

free 2 week trial.. then its $10 a month.. if i fix my videocard issue, i'll gladly pay.

nice community, quests, just leveling... up to 250 by the way. sweet monsters, sweet stores, incredible Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game


downloaded and been playing most of the night. I must say its rather enjoyable. The only problem I'm havingis when it rains the video starts to mess up.
i get that too.. kinda big squares, and the graphic layers get screwy... some of the colors invert....

other than that, its sweet....

i have a 9600pro,.. maybe its just the Radeon's that screw it up... some people i played with the other day said they have no trouble with the graphics.
i turned off weather to keep it from happening. which drivers are you using? i'm using the 3.9 cats. i also checked thier forums for helps and therer isn't anything listed there about it.
yeah, im using the newest also.. but i tried installing the OMEGA drivers and it ruined my drivers.. made them all crack headed... the OS didnt recognize any drivers.. so i tried to uninstall the way the destructions said.. no go... ended up reinstalling WinXP (kinda wanted to do that anyway), formatted and all that jazz...

installed the newest cats, ignorant as i decided to be.. installed the OMEGAs again.. and now i dont get the Radeon properties window.. i get the default windows one.. :( oh well..

but i still get the rain drop screwup. whichever drivers im using..

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