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I have a satellite card in my computer.

I have the satellite pointed at the correct place, it was plugged into my up stairs receiver thing for the TV, all I did was remove the cable and move it to my computer, and plugged it in.

I installed the software that came with my PCI-e card, and nothing works. I have tried every single setting possible, so it's not a settings issue. Because if it was a settings issue, I'd get a single. It shows nothing.

Any ideas, suggestions, programs to use....

I would really like to get TV working.


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11 Feb 2004
Are you saying you plugged the feed straight from the dish into the computer and are not getting any signal? or have you plugged the output from the receiver into the computer tv card.? You would still need the receiver from the dish to process the signal going to the TV.

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Feed straight from the dish, into my computer tv card thing.


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25 Jan 2003
A typical home satellite receiver requires a decoder with an ID card.

Are you sure the Video card you have is one that is compatible with your Satellite service antenna? There is no universal receiver. Dish, DirectTV and the full size dishes all use different encoders and frequencies.

As a WAG based on what I have read I'd say your "satellite card" was intended for a full size dish so if your dish is DISH Network or DirectTV it will not get a signal. Some of the content on full size dishes is "free access" but most is paid subscription requiring decoders so if you have a full sized dish you should get something.

Note DISH and DirectTV do not offer PC adapter cards. I have been extensively researching them as I am sick of directtv price gouging a 10year customer and thinking of switching to take advantage of much cheaper HD upgrade options from DISH.

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