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SATA speeds


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I just got a 36GB 10K raptor and I ran HDtach from Here
and the drive only gets around 50MB/s which isnt much faster than an IDE drive....Is this all that i can expect? Any ideas?


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Athlon 64 3500+
Asus A8V
Using Promise controller for the 36GB(1+/o)raptor and VIA for my 74GB raptor(which gets about 65MB/s)
BFG 6800 GT
1GB XMS ram
60GB maxtor(gets 45MB/s)

I cant think of anything that would be causing that. Before I had the 36GB drive I had my 74GB for games and such and it got 75MB/s now after formating it went down 10MB/s. And I cant think of whats wrong, maybe i setup the wrong array?


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The controller is the Promise fasttrack and its built onto the mobo. So will it still be limited?


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SATA drives aren't that much quicker than PATA drives as the drives are mechanically still slower than the interface there connected to. The speed comes when you stripe the drives as in RAID0, you effectivley double your read/write speeds (in theory!) :)

Your Raptor should be quicker than most normal drives as it's based on SCSI technology and spins at 10k but most benchmarks show it's only slightly quicker in certain areas.

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