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sata install question


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i purchased a new WD 250 sata drive. setup: the sata drive is the "master" or OS install. but i have another 250gig HDD that is an IDE connection. if i connect the sata drive and the IDE drive the pc will not boot. says that it needs to find a bootable drive. why is that i cannot have these 2 drives connected at the same time? the IDE is marked as a slave.

Mobo = K8N
Western digital gig 300 mb sec. ( jumper is set to use 150mb sec.) motherboard does not support sata 2.

2nd HDD is a 250 gig Maxtor IDE drive.
Is the IDE drive set up as a bootable system drive? If yes, Windows does not like finding two bootable drives.

Other than that having a non bootable second drive on IDE should not be an issue.


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after over an hour trying to firgure this out, i found that i had to change the boot device HDD. the boot "sequence" was only showing the IDE drive. i found a way to change the IDE drive to show the SATA drive. all is good. thanks the help

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