SATA - IDE in tandem


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11 Feb 2004
My system currently already uses the IDE channels for my 2 optical drives and 2 ide drives.

My question is... can i run a SATA hdd tandem to my ide's or does activating the SATA "Switch Off" my IDE drives.

I'm running low on space atm and i'd rather add rather than substitute a drive.

i'm running a Gigabyte 8IPE-1000 Pro2 if anyone is wondering. 865PE chipset.

XP Home if that matters at all either.
Don't quote me, but I would say yes, it will run.

I have an Asus p4pe, with both SATA drives in raid 0 with two other 80gs on the normal IDE, and I have had absolutely no problems ( also with DVD and CD-R).

I don't know off the top of my head what promise chip I have.

Not really a helpful post :/ Other than the info that I got it to work on a different board.
no, running sata will not shut off your ide capabilities, you have to do that manually in the bios

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