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I currently own a SATA 40 gig raptor HD.

I wanted to know if i buy another drive how do i set the jumpers for master and slave?

Also i have 4 old hds lying around and was curious is there a way to convert a regular ATA hd so i can have it run out side the computer ?

Thank You for the help ,

I appreciate it.


There are no master slave configurations with SATA drives. It's one drive per cable. So you'll need to have 2 Serial channels on the mobo to be able to use 2 Serial drives.
If you want to run a hdd outside the computer I suggest you put it inside a USB or Firewire case. They can be found at most computer shops (varying quality and price).


Originally posted by Zedric
If you want to run a hdd outside the computer I suggest you put it inside a USB or Firewire case. They can be found at most computer shops (varying quality and price).
Any ruff idea on cost or a link to online store that has one?

Im really curious as I have a bunch of Hds i wanted to convert to external for a little side project.


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Well as a solution to the first problem, you can buy two and four channel SATA PCI Controllers for $80-$100 if you want to add more drives.

You can also buy chassis to hook up PATA drives via USB or FireWire at most online computer places. Or if you buy a SATA controller and have ports left over, you can get HighPoint RocketHead100 adapters that allow you to plug standard ATA drives into an SATA controller.



Yes , speed wise probably Firewire is the best.

I run a 120Gb SATA drive with an outside 40Gb USB2 caddy hard drive that runs quite fast.
Might try a firewire one but the downside is the cost.


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side question:

1a) if using a parrallel drive with a s-ata adapter, is it hot swappable?
1b) do all harddrives automatically park the head once power is abruptly cut?


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Originally posted by Zedric
No, it's this one:
or this one:
depending on if you want Firewire or USB2. The difference in speed is probably negligable since Firewire is 400Mbps and USB2 is 480Mbps while the drive itself never goes that high.
i'd go with firewire as it's more suited for storage and large file transfer purposes. it uses less cpu time and actually ends up being slightly faster than usb2.0 due to less overhead. but, like zedric said, the speed issue won't be very noticeable.

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