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SATA drive question

I assume you can, but just double checking. If you have two HD's, can you run a SATA drive and a ATA drive at the same time?

Just checking,



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As long as your mobo has IDE and SATA controller then sure. I think you would just have to set the boot order in the BIOS. :)


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Be careful about your BIOS as well as your mobo.... I have heard some bad things about situations where the only way to select SATA was by ABSENCE of an IDE :eek: - Of course this may not apply in your case (I was hearing this regarding Aopen boards)


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Double check that you have the newest BIOS update for your system. Most issues I have read about, are taken care of by updating.
thats the kind of thing i had heard too - thats what happened to indy i think, he may have resolved the issue now tho.

Just have to try it out and see what happens, updated my bios the other day anyway so thats one good step already done. Just got to wire it all up and see if it all works i guess!


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Just a gentle bump on this thread, because I just installed a 200GB SATA alongside my 160 and 80 GB IDE drives - now the kicker is I presently have XP installed on the IDE master, but think my primary bootable partition would be better to be on my SATA drive.... anyone know the best way to go about affecting this change?

I would prefer not to reformat - or, if I must, then to take an image of my existing partition and restore it over the top of the new one.... oh and I have PM and Driveimage.... any suggestions welcome!


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If youre Hard drives for SATA and IDE are both same manufacturer it might be possible to copy from one to the other using h/drive software (maxblast for Maxtor) etc etc.
Some boards such as Gigabyte will not coexist with SATA first boot at all.
Best ones I have seen are ASRock for that purpose.

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