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SATA Data Corruption


OSNN One Post Wonder
I did a search for this and found it to be a problem among users with SATA drives not being detected and not able to install windows.

I had that problem but I worked around it by getting a small IDE hard drive to put my operating system on, I tried using the driver disk with the windows install for the SATA drive but it still couldn't find it. I used the disk once windows installed and installed the SATA and now can see it in windows.

SO...I have windows installed and trying to use the SATA as a storage drive but all my data is corupted on it. So I reformatted it in NTFS and tried again, anything that I download or install on it just gets corrupted. I tested the theory by downloading the same files and using them on the smaller drive and they work.

I am using a 120 Gig Hitachi Deskstar SATA on a Soltek K8tpro motherboard. I'm positve that everything is hooked up correctly but I'm having alot of issues with it. Especially if I try o use anything on that drive it just crashes my system. Anyone else with these problems or could offer some help to make that SATA my main drive and stable? I was just hoping it wasn't a bad drive?

AMD64 3000+
Hitachi Deskstar 120 SATA
512 Giel DDR500
Nvidia 6600GT PCI-E
Thermaltake Pure Power 420WATT


OSNN One Post Wonder
Seems I fixed the problem!

Just in case someone does the same mistake as I did.

There are 4 SATA ports on my computer...2 are onboard native they are black and were hard to see. The other 2 were controlled by promise and were setup in raid. So when it only saw one hard drive I believe it might of only wrote half the information acting as if it were in raid mode. I finally checked it and was wondering where those other 2 on-board sata controllers were then I spotted them. Plugged my hard drive in and now I'm crusing at very fast speeds. hope I help someone out there.

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