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sapphire radeon 9600 atlantis - problems ??

my friend has just purchased this card, and he has come acroos some problems. When he tryies to play mp3's and divx movies, the picture on his monitor starts shaking and songs are skipping. He just installed the card on a fresh install of windows xp. This is urgent so please guys help :cool:


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haven't heard of problems playing mp3's before :confused:

sounds weird...

install the new drivers EP suggested and see if yuo or your friend can post with results...

any more information would also be helpful...
Could be IRQ contention between the sound card and the video card. If the sound is on a card move it to another PCI slot. If the sound is built-in, disbale it and see if the divx plays ok (yes, I know there will be no sound, but this will isolate the problem to the IRQ).

Not sure if you will be able to manually move the on board sound IRQ. It will depend on the MB.

Also, is this a fast machine (XP2000 or higher)? Or an old clunker running a celereon, duron, P3 or original athlon? How much MB RAM?

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