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Illustrator CS2 + Photoshop CS2 + Pen Tool + Brushes + Mouse + 2 hours

This is something that I haven't tried or done before.
Comments/suggestions are always appreciated. :)

edit: Image taken from tdinc's sig.
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paul2-0-0-2 said:
Good Stuff :)

I just think the man just stands out to much for the back ground and he would be better faceing right lol :lick:
I like the man facing on the left side. :D
good ninja! stealth is amazing! (I cant see him/her/it) :p

Edit: looks like a server woke up finally :D

Edit 2: Still a good image :)
lancer: it's not that bad. it's not meant to be like an "OMG i'll pay you $1,000,000 if i can be the official owner of the original print" kinda thing. it's just him messing around with stuff he hasn't used. such a critic. sheesh


There is no answer!
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Sorry i actually forgot i wrote this till now, i was just joking to invoke a reaction, woulda been funnier if he himself said something.

Its actually good not sh!t sorry for the offense caused by my jokes bad timing. :(


There is no answer!
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kermit always has my back, i think it must be some sort of master and aprentice thing, kinda like the british and canadian thing :) haha

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