Samsung E105, Customizable?


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3 Dec 2002
E105 Cell Phone, hackable?

i want to hack it up.. anybody know any way to change the GUI? or any places to download free (good) MegaTones(r)?


Info on it
well, i havent found anything cool for it yet, but if anybody knows where i can get FREE MEGATONES(r) or HiFiTones(r), i'd appriciate it.. or free wallpaper. Thanks.
GUI change needs a full software flash and some editing... not to mention a compatible MBUS/FBUS data cable to upload the new flash to it (not an easy job, you really need to be able to code confidently as you'll b0rk the phone if you mess up as MBUS/FBUS talk direct to the EEPROM (main software of phone)).

Ringtones and wallpaper are the same... you'll need a data cable. If thats the same phone I think it is, you should get a cd with the phone in the box which has the software needed to download things to it... look on ebay for a compatible data cable or seek elsewhere on the internet, somewhere may be selling them cheap. From ebay, you'd be lookin at about £10 inc delivery... from a shop, expect to pay about £15-20 (not sure of USD conversions).
Thread edited... since youre not hacking anything, you are customizing. Accuracy is the key to quality.

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