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6 Mar 2002
I have just discovered the awesome power of Samba, a program that runs under *nix (in my case FreeBSD), and uses the SMB protocol to enable Windows users to access shares on *nix servers.

My question is if it's possible to just add an user to Samba, without creating an user in the *nix environment? Now the proper procedure is to add an user in the *nix environment first and then add a Samba user. Alternativily it's possible (or so I understand from a Dutch online manual) to enable the SMBserver to let the user/passwords control at the hands of the workstation. But I don't want to use neither option, because that means I create an useraccount, while I only want an user/password for Samba, nothing else. How can I accomplish that?
AFAIK you have to create a user first, then a samba user, but you can set the login shell to /sbin/nologin and they will not be able to login as a user on the workstation.
I've heard of SWAT, but I also read on some random forums (can't remember which) that SWAT has some serious bugs etc. But that may be just an older version.
It does have serious bugs, and should be disabled after your done with it.
I messed w/ SWAT and was never able to get it working :( I think "by hand" is probably better way as you'll learn more then using GUI ;) If you do use it though do as X said and make sure to disable it after as it could be a security issue.
You could also install Webmin and use it's built in Samba manager.
Ditto for Webmin. I had to configure Samba manually, but after that, I've used Webmin to administer it.
Why don't you just look into windbind. That way your linux box can get some of its account information from a windows network. This seems like the ideal solution for you. You don't have to create a linux user since you can set up PAM to authenicate against a NT Domain or an Active Directory.
for some reason, I dont think Glaanie's home network has an AD or NT domain controller :p

Any of those config programs [webmin] present serious security issues if not configured properly.
j79zlr said:
Any of those config programs [webmin] present serious security issues if not configured properly.

Same can be said for just about every popular suite of software. The default install of webmin is fairly secure ... what the admin does after is their own fault.
Uhm, i dont suggest these web based tools, as they all want it to be done their way, discarding the FreeBSD hiararchy ****.
Since I am a first timer and I want to learn things, rather then pushing a button and let it do it's thing, I'll go for the text-mode, instead of web(min). Thanks anyway for the suggestions.
best way really cause then when the automatic thinger breaks or doesnt do something the way you want then you can go in and fix it :p
j79zlr said:
for some reason, I dont think Glaanie's home network has an AD or NT domain controller :p

Better yet, Set up SAMBA to emulate a DC, then you can have all of your windows machines log into a domain and again have centralized user management.
no no no this is what your looking for

smbpasswd -a "newusersname" without the " "

- Jeff

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