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Saitek Eclipse Keyboard Review


F@H - Is it in you?
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Well, I opened the door today and BOOM, a FEDEX guy delivering my new keyboard :)

I took some pictures and they are here for all to see.

Now for the review.


I had heard people saying how massive this keyboard was, but when you see the comparison shot between this and my old Logitech wireless jobbie, they appear to be about the same size.

The keyboard itself is very easy to use, simply plug it in and thats it. No drivers, no extra stuff. The only additional item you might need is the little wrist support.

It is heavier than a standard keyboard with a black background and silver keys. This makes it easier to see the keys when lights are on. If they are off you can simply turn the lights on. There are 3 light settings which are shown in the pictures I took. On, dim or off.

I found both the On and Dim settings were rather easy to use and the lights can be used in daylight as well since the keys themselves showup not as black or dark, but as silver.

Saitek's build quality here is exceptional and the keyboard feels a heck of a lot more expensive than what I paid for it. At Amazon.com, I paid about 39.95 for it and free shipping. The free shipping took about 1 business day to get here so consider it as a viable option to save some bucks unless you definitely want this baby sooner.

The keyboard's 4 corners have "legs" which are topped (or bottomed) with rubber tips and make a very good contact with the desk. Key placement is also good and there is a little more space between keys than with my logitech.

As with most logitech keyboards, the Eclipse has 0 tilt manufacturing though there are legs to allow you to tilt the keyboard as desired.

The keys themselves feel a little mushier than my logitech, but I put this down to heavy key mashing on the old one (hence the membrane likely is worn out a tad). For general usage (such as typing this little review out) the keyboard performed brilliantly and I am most happy.

I'll consider a more detailed review later but I thought that it's best to knock something out when you first get it rather than waiting so here it is.

  • Decent Size
  • Nice Key feedback
  • Lighted so easy to see at night if needed
  • Light settings allow one to select their own preference
  • Sturdy Construction

  • Not wireless, availble only as USB
  • Some key lights not centered so little bleeding does occur
  • No multimedia keys or settings for volume and others

I purchased it from Amazon.com and they provided excellent service again.

Saitek Eclipse Direct link


Sorry for the fuzzy pic comparing the logitech and the saitek boards, my damn kitten was trying to get on the bed and I had to keep an eye on her while taking that particular shot.



F@H - Is it in you?
Staff member
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Its pretty good. I am loving it right now :)

And its pretty cheap too for the quality you get.

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