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I have an usb ISDN modem. When I connect it to my pc, the "safely remove hardware" icon is displayed in the taskbar. I don't want to have this icon, so I would like to ask you if there is a solution for this "problem".

Thank you in advance.
as far as I know, the systray icon is there so u can remove it properly from the system. if it were to go away, you may not be able to remove all traces of it. I had a usb cable modem and that remove icon was always there, never went away unless I unplugged it from the usb port.


i'm also using a usb cable modem and i also get this. last time i use window ME doesn't have this.


open the "safely remove hardware" icon... there is a tickbox saying "show icon on taskbar" isnt there? Well... im positive there was one on Win2K... it would be a stupid thing for MS to have taken out of XP if its not there


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I had a USB Radio thinger that resulted in me having the safely remove thinger as well. It is there for hardware that either drivers of XP believes are more likely to be in use often and would therefore want a better more sure method of unloading the drivers.
I actually find it very useful for when I want to unplug my USB ZIP drive or pop out the PCMCIA NIC from my laptop (I still can't beleive it all actually works without a hitch @_@)

Anyway just ignore it, XP will hide the icon after it's been there for a while anyway.

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