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Safely remove device shortcut?


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hey i have some computers using microsoft shared access and are for use for my co-workers however, when using a flash drive there is no safely remove usb device icon in the task bar, is there a way that i can create a short cut, that will do the same thing? once u click on it the user can now safely remove their drive.

some one recently lost their data due to this, and i need a solution. thanks


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I used to have the same problem with my IDE-to-USB adapter, It took me a little while to find out how to get to the remove hardware screen when it’s missing so I could unplug the drive without corrupting everything, so here’s what i did.

1. Right-click on My Computer
2. Select “Properties”
3. Click on the “Hardware” tab at the top
4. Click on Device Manager
5. In my case, since it’s a hard drive, I click on “Disk drives.” For other devices, you might have to hunt around. (in your case look for " USB"
6. Right-click on the removable drive
7. Select “Properties”
8. Click on “Policies”
9. Under the “Optimize for performance” option, there should be a link called “Safely Remove Hardware.” If you click that, you’ll bring up the good old hardware removal screen that Windows was trying so hard to hide.

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