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Safe method of unplugging IDE cable?


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I have messed up 2 IDE cables so far while unplugging them from my hard drives.

I have broken the clips on the slave connector on one cable due to trying to unplug via pulling the ribbon cable itself and the plastic clip on the master connector on the other cable.

They seem to be fit so tightly onto the hard drive that I can't help but use some force to unplug them, especially the connector in the middle of the cable.

What is the "proper" way to do this?

I might just get some rounded cables but I still want to know a safe method for the ribbon type cable.



OSNN Addict
Pulling on the cable itself is the proper way, they're designed to take the strain. Pull directly away from the interface not at an angle. For the middle, grab the cable on either side of the connector.

There is maybe some other reason why they're so tight, cheap 'n' nasty cables perhaps? :s

Standard IDE cables were never designed to be plugged and unplugged constantly as alot of people do these days. Most round cables come with a tab that you pull instead of the cable itself, this makes life ALOT easier.


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I noticed the older cables are easier to rip off the plastic connector. Never have problems with the new ones.

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