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Safari On Acid


I may actually be insane.
For those who are pedantic about rendering compliance, you may know that Safari's core, WebKit now passes the Acid 2 test. However, it has yet to be implemented into an official release of Safari itself.

With WebKit being open source, you can just grab the latest nightly and compile it yourself, however that will replace your WebKit at OS level, if you just want to use Safari with the new WebKit, check out the link below. It will launch Safari with the compliant WebKit, without changing anything including your current install of Safari.

Click the thumbnail to see ACID2 being rendered correctly:

Download: SafariOnAcid.dmg
Download: SafariOnAcid.md5
cool - I actually had the oppertunity to get a Mac recently, but I chose going for my motorbike license instead :D Much more fun involved in that I think :p


I may actually be insane.
Safari will be updated with a point release at some point, and in theory the new version of WebKit should be included, if not, it will be included in an o/s point release at some point. WebKit can be compiled into the o/s manually anyway (it's VERY easy to do) so should you need better compliance, it's there, readily available.


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bitesize:/Volumes/SafariOnAcid/SafariOnAcid.app/Contents/MacOS xistence$ ./SafariOnAcid
Start Safari with DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH set to point to built WebKit in /Volumes/SafariOnAcid/SafariOnAcid.app/Contents/MacOS/../Resources.
dyld: /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari Undefined symbols:
WebKit undefined reference to _kCGImageSourceShouldPreferRGB32 expected to be defined in ApplicationServices
WebKit undefined reference to _kSecAsn1AlgorithmIDTemplate expected to be defined in Security
WebKit undefined reference to _kSecAsn1IA5StringTemplate expected to be defined in Security
WebKit undefined reference to _kSecAsn1SequenceOfAnyTemplate expected to be defined in Security
WebKit undefined reference to _kSecAsn1SubjectPublicKeyInfoTemplate expected to be defined in Security
Trace/BPT trap
bitesize:/Volumes/SafariOnAcid/SafariOnAcid.app/Contents/MacOS xistence$ uname -a
Darwin bitesize.network.home 7.9.0 Darwin Kernel Version 7.9.0: Wed Mar 30 20:11:17 PST 2005; root:xnu/xnu-517.12.7.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC Power Macintosh powerpc

No luck for Panther users here :(


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Geffy said:
esp as that is only £15 in real money :p

and it would get you to shutup about not having tiger :p :D

Yeah, the USD is not real money anymore :p. Wonder if i could use iLife 04 with it. As i believe Mac OS X tiger does not come with it standard.


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I really like Pages, but I'm looking forward to v2.0 as v1.0 needs to have some things ironed out. It's still very much a useable word processor though, and I love the templates. iLife is excellent -- no need to say any more. :)


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desie said:
Well this is a surprise, but one thing baffles me, what sort of tests can that smilie do ^_^

it tests every aspect of CSS 2. If it renders correctly, then the browser is CSS 2 compliant, if it fails to render correctly, the browser needs to update it's CSS support to make it render correctly.

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