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Safari Browser


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I have heard that the Apple Safari browser is very fast, has a lot of features, really good product....

Is possible that some day (not in the next years, though) it will be avaible to use on Windows ?
I doubt it Safari will ever be ported over to Windows.

Most of the "features" of Safari like tabbed browsing, popup blocking and standards compliance are present in Mozilla Firebird, which you can get here: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/phoenix/
There are even skins for it that make it look almost exactly like Safari ;)

However, Firebird is based on the Gecko rendering engine, while Safari is based on the KHTML rendering engine. Konquerer in linux uses KHTML too. To my knowledge, there is no browser for Windows that uses the KHTML rendering engine yet, though I'm quite sure it will come someday.


I may actually be insane.
Windows is getting an iTunes port, we already have QuickTime, I think that Apple should give us a port of Safari.
They probably wont though ;)

There is a group already working on porting the KHTML libs to Windows, unfortunately they haven't got any public releases yet, but hopefully this will mean that Konquerer and Safari can be easily ported once they have stable binaries up and running.

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