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S-video in 9700 Pro


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hey !

I got a Radeon 9700 Pro, i connected using the s/video-rca cable to my tv, I put my tv on video mode and the screen flickers when I try to change the monitor using the ATI catalyst control center and I cant see any picture on the tv but a flicker..

The question is If I need to do anything more to make it work?

thank you !


OSNN Senior Addict
Ok, just an update It works, i didnt notice that it was a continuation to the monitor..

now 2 questions :

1) what are the best setting in need to setup on the display control panel for the TV, it is an 25'', i mean XXX x YYY 16/32 million colors, etc.

2) I connected the audio output to the RCA stereo on tv, and enabled all mutes on sound properties but i can't still hear on the tV>

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