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I didn't see anyone post anything about this game, so I figured I would post about it.

Overall, I'm liking this game. It's not your typical FPS game where there's loads of bad guys to just shoot up. They are selectively placed, and do wander. As well as, you choose your missions in this game. Nothing says you have to follow a mission set to get to the end. You can choose what missions you want to complete. This game has been in the works for a VERY long time. Years after it's first scheduled release date, did they actually release it. 3/2007 is the month of STALKER.

I feel this game is worthy of a 9.0 out of 10.

I've had some lockups and crashes while playing this game. While I think it may be a combination of things causing these crashes, I am ready to change my rating of the game a bit once I figure these out.

I also do have to say that it would be nice to have some interactivity with the world. Maybe more moveable objects or flip a switch here to turn on the lights or something.

The monsters are creative but right now, I haven't experienced that many, but the weakest one that I've run into, took 4 up close shots with a double barrel shotgun to kill it. (By the way, that monster is also translucent, it runs fast, and it attacks fast.)

I would strongly advise anyone who likes FPS's to buy this game.


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Big thread on this on our affiliate site, nvnews.

Look under gaming and STALKER :cool:

Lots of screens and pros/cons.

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I picked it up today from EB games and have their Mulitplayer map !!!

I like what I see played about half an hour and it is vast huge areas , I like the feel, looks great , seems like a fine game.
its a really fun game. a lot of bugs at the moment but the dev team is aware of most and they do follow the forums. so there should be a nice patch soon.

its a fun game overall, many story lines, many different people to work with.
and a lot of toys to blow up and shoot LOL


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Since there is already a thread...

I just installed this game, and it runs like CRAP. I can hardly move around, freezing and going all the time. If I quit, my desktop basically crashes, things I had running crash.

Yes I am running it all fairly high specs, but I can run HL2 at full details without a hitch. So whats going on?

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