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Running a CS Server!


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Ok i'm running a counter strike server and i want to know why my my ip keeps on getting changed whenever i connect to the internet with dsl? The problem is that people that want to connect needs to know my ip to go on my server. thats thee problem
Because your IP changes everytime you log on, you've got a dynamic IP, it changes every time.

Static IP does not do that.

Or it's the other way around, either dynamic changes, or static, one of those :D
Originally posted by o_87
He is right, you have a dynamic IP. You need a static IP to keep it to one, but that costs a lot of $$$...
I'v never even heard of DSL with static IP.

I have cable, and it comes with static IP :) :p

There are programs that direct people to the IP though, if you have dynamic. Something like that, but you are going to have to enter the new IP manually each time, blah, it's a hassle.
Originally posted by Nick M
I've never even heard of DSL with static IP.

I have cable, and it comes with static IP :) :p
until lately most dsl around here WAS static, and it was the cable that was dynamic. while my new verizon dsl is dynamic my friend has someone else and is static, we have a server running there with email/web/etc...

the no ip thing might work or the static can be had starting for about $50 and up depends on you speed u&d


In the UK most A-DSL services are static IP except BT Openworld, I believe. I use Demon, and that certainly is.

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