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Running 2 cd devices on the same ide cable?



Hey this might sound like a dumb but odd question but can i run 2 cd devices on the same IDE cord?

Like right now Primary Cable im running 2 HD.

On my secondary im running a TDK 48x burner. Now say i buy a DVD burner can i run both on the secondary cable ?

If not is there a way to run 2 cdrom drives?

I have tried this before on a older system i had and the system would hang when i attempt to boot it. So i was curious if i was doing something wrong.


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yeah you can have them on the same IDE channel jsut make sure that one is set to master and the other one is set to slave. :)


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Yes leave your hdd alone on primary channel and put new dvd as MASTER on secondary channel with your writer or cd-rom as slave,because you new dvd has faster tranfer rate then you writer for amount of data dvd has compared to cd so you will have to replace the 40 core ide cable with a 80 core one same as your hdd uses to get max performance.
you will end up with udma mode4 on dvd (66mbps)and udma mode 2 (33mbps) tranfer rates if you motherboard and all are new enought to support this on secondary channel some are not.
Your hdd is prob using 80 core cable and either ata 100 (udma mose 5 "100mbps") or newer ata 133 (udma 6 "133mbps").
I hate to dissappoint you there john30uk, but that's not entirely true. If the CD is just UDMA2 it will "drag down" the DVD to UDMA2 as well. You can't run different speeds on the same cable. So changing to a 80 cable won't do any difference.


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atapi devices are generally udma 2 so it don't matter either way mates... if one is faster than the other it will revert back to slower speeds... generally is dragged down like super BRAIN zedric says :)

but yeah do like they all say... put master/slave jumper settings on the two devices... plug em in and yer set to go...


Ok just tried it and it didnt work.

The device hang on boot up or only give me the slave device wich is my tdk 16x ide burner.

I have my Pioneer Ao-4 set as master and tdk as slave and it will hang on boot up or wont let me run both.

Is there any clue to what i might do to resolve this problem?


make sure master drive is on last ide connector
slave drive on middle connector

check your ide cables too ..might be all junk.......mine was but didnt realize it till after hours of frustration and almost a reformat


yea i did that i bought brand new cables.

I have had this problem with ever single computer setup i have ever had i just dont get why i cant run 2 burners on the same IDE cable.
It really should work. But I know I've sometimes had strange IDE problems on some computers, so I'm not saying you're doing it wrong. Is there another way you can connect them just so it works even if it's not optimal?


ok wierd i got them to both work i had to set my CD burner to Cable Select on the back and my DVD burner to Master.

Funny thing i used my Pioneer Ao4 to burn a cdr at its max 8x and it took 20 minutes for some odd reason...

I know 8x for full cds are supposed to be 10 minutes. I dont understand why it took longer.

Now i burnt the same image iwht my tdk 24x burner and it did the same image in 3 min as a cable select drive so everything is running good for that.

1. Now im curious is there any drawback to have these 2 drives on the same ide channel?

2. Am i better off buying a ulta pci card so i can run my other burner on it so the 2 dont share the same ide channel?

3. anything i can do to improve the performance?

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