Runing Processes and CMOS ?


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What are the processes running and why does msmgr always reload itself? I can provide more details about my system if needed.

Also where can I find information on setting cmos settings?


Hello .
Your Task Manager is constantly assessing your programes and devices as you us them.
Try "Help" at the top of the window forexplantion.
You appear to have "ATI" showing for example which indicates your Graphics card and "Snap" which is probably your webcam viewer etc.
You mentioned your Cmos settings.
I presume you havent got a mobo manual (?)
When you boot up ,press "Pause/Break"on keyboard , and then write down the mobo "String" detailed at the bottom of the screen. Pressing"Enter" will allow the boot to continue.
Enter the string info in "Google" search or similar and you should find the mobo website. Otherwise try the website ""
A manual should be available to download, for Cmos settings advice.
As usual when entering Cmos to view settings, press "Delete" or F8 or similar as indicated on boot up screen.


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Many of the processes in your task manager need to be running. Explorer, and most of the System processes need to be there. You can disable some services that you don't need, which might eliminate a few of the processes, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing so. If you're interested though, there are a few websites I know of that will describe all of the services and let you know if you need them running or not. There are a few processes you have running that are not necessary unless you want to use the apps associated with them. Webshots, Snap, InCD, and the ATI utility are a few you could safely disable. NAV (Norton Antivirus) is another, but I doubt you want to disable that. ;) You can make changes using msconfig, or of course by uninstalling the program altogether. Unless you find that your RAM is often being used up, then I would just leave everything alone. I have found that 28-34 processes is pretty normal on most systems.

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