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Rundll32.exe 100% CPU usage

Evening all,

My brother's having some issues at the moment, whereby 100% cpu usage (or there, there abouts) is being used by Rundll32.exe I dunno what's causing this :crosseyed:

Any ideas?

if he was folding at home it'd show winFAH.exe or one of the F@H cores but he doesn't either ways..

He's not got any anti virus atm, S'pose i'll chuck some on there later


- geek -
Yeah on a system connected to the net w/out anti-virus I would check that 1st as I recall a virus/trojan that ran as rundll32 but was in a different location then the real system file. ;)

Oh and a good FREE online scanner is housecall.


High On Life!
if u cant access any online virus scanner, then check the hosts file because the viruses add the antivirus sites to the hosts file making it not assessible.


Tweaking Monkey
Might want to do a full spyware scan too, I know some that can cause the CPU usage % to spike at 100% for a while. It's not necessairly a virus.

For spyware removal I normally use either MS Antispyware Beta, or Ad-Aware SE.

My antivirus is the full version of AVG Antivirus 7, which is VERY good!

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