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Run in Tool Bar



well i have more probs..... long time ago i saw a desktop with a short cut to the run command in his task bar, it look like the address bar but for the run command is this possible:(
I am pretty sure that it WAS the Address bar.

Address bar allows both web pages and every command line command that I have tested.

(right click the tasbar > toolbars > Check "Address bar")


Perris Calderon

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ok, this is pretty simple to do, but I like using the address bar that brunsodj posted better.

for me, hitting the win key+r is better too, but here's how you put the" run" in the task bar...quick launch section

first create the run shortcut...just hit the start, drag the run onto your desk top.

then drag the run from your desktop to your quick launch



yah i know you can put it in your quick launch but i was talking about it being in the taskbar like the address where i type in the command and press enter

Perris Calderon

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ok, then you missunderstood brunsodj...the address bar is "run", as well as the address bar...just follow his instructions, and you have run, it just says address instead of saying run
If you don't like the name "address" on there you can right click "address" then uncheck "show title"

You can also go into internet explorer right click on the word "address" and uncheck the "Go Button"

This will leave you with on long box to use command line with.

You have to remove the Go button IN Internet explorer.

Since you are looking at this post, Internet explorer is open, find the address bar, right click the address bar and uncheck "Go Button"

After doing this you need to go to your taskbar, remove your address bar from the taskbar then add the tool bar back to your taskbar...This is the only way I see to refresh it.

This should do the trick, if not let me know.


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