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Run AMD or Intel CPU on the same board?

Since you can only use one CPU at a time (controlled by the jumpers on the board), what's the point? Except maybe for software development. But even then it feels like a cumbersome solution.
i meant from the point of upgrading.

AMD64, but then perhaps Intel will release a better chip and you could just buy an addon card and utilise it, rather than having to replace mobo aswell the processor :)


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there was another board like this bout a year ago I forget who made it but otherwise it about the same. I remember that using the add-on card for the other cpu you took a decent hit in speed etc of the system
well the idea isnt a bad one, but it hasn't been implemented properly. I mean look at the design. Say you use the card and wanna run a 939 A64 with a decent after market air cooling setup which naturally will be made of copper and hence quite heavy, i dont see how a little PCB fixed to the mobo on only one side will be able to support the weight of the cooler without bending.

i also noticed that the mobo has two pcie-16x slots. how the hell you gonna use two graphics cards on it with a huge Heatsink between them?

if the 939 socket was fit on the actual mobo instead of an addon card I think it would have been better.

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