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19 Jul 2003
The advertising rule in the rules of conduct is a tad confusing. I reported a post advertising a graphics community and Geffy said it was not an XP site so it was allowed.
I think it should be changed to say this:
ompetitive Forums ? Do not post links to other computing forums (unless they explain and provide an answer to the specific question) Any other links to a competitive computing forum will be deleted. You are allowed to post links to graphic forums or off-topic "social" sites. If they contain any computer help sections however....You know the rest!
Or something simliar

Electronic Punk

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2 Dec 2001
Thats pretty much what they say already.
The fact is you have already had this discussion with several of my moderators, a group of people that I trust implicitly.

If a link i posted and is a blatent attempt to coax people to another site for no reason other than for the sake of it, my team and I have the right to remove the link, at our discretion.

I don't know specifically why you are bringing this up, but it seems my team have dealt with it. If there is the chance that the wrong action was taken it would have been discussed privately. This doesn't seem to have been any disagreemtn between the team parties involved.

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