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Rude little hedgehogs

Following hot in the footsteps of the kittens comes.........

"The Naughty Little Hedgehogs"

This is rude, but made me giggle.
I've not heard some of those names for "it" since I was at school.

Follow this link at your own peril :p Click Me
btw you'll need speakers!.
Because you couldn't help yourself Henyman :D.

I often ask myself the same question trying to decipher poor spelling on these boards. :p
By the time you actually work out what was originally intended, the effect's gone.

Oh well. *sigh*

I thought that might of gone down well here, as I notice there are a lot of students around. Maybe not though.

I only posted that once....
Now I can't delete either...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Could a Mod/Admin delete one of the duplicate posts above plz...Thx

Why can't I delete my own posts?
Yer...I agree. It does seem daft to offer a feature...leave it visible so to all
appearances it's available, then disable it. - rendering it useless.

Guess there must be no way to remove it from the standard user template or something similar.
Can't imagine it's done just to annoy me :)p@Khayman)

However it is annoying, as you can go in and delete the entire content of the post and leave it blank, so you got a wasted space of a post but you can't delete it....It just don't figure.

Oh well I won't lose sleep over this.
Just think it's a bit misguided, and redundant in it's purpose that's all. :D

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