RPC Virus Dectected??


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Some1 just posted this on a Fourm i go on just now

Though i'd ask for him :)

He said this:

what is this, it just popped up when i was on the net, is it a real warning or summit else???


yeah i knew about the virus, but what im asking is what is that pop-up warning me about it. ive never had something like that pop-up on my comp before.

ive done a norton anti-virus scan and its showed nothing

Any help would be great thx in advance


u can turn the messager service off in the controle panel/ admin tools/ services - than the messenger service, most of the time everyone i kno turns it off becayse it is not needed


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I even got it from Mozilla haha

You can also disable Messenger an easier way then going through services, stop by www.grc.com and download the Shoot the Messenger prog. It disables it with a click of a button.

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