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  1. ok finally gona get me one soon.

    i got this situation

    i have dsl, my main computer that is connected to internet has win me and win xp pro. i want to connect another computer with win xp pro on it to internet.

    i'm thinking of getting a router but now not sure which to get

    or this one

    plus will the internet work fine on the 2nd computer if i'm using 2 different windows on another computer or that doesnt matter?
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    should work fine Mafia.. the Linksys product is good.. we've sold quite a few with no problems.. not sure about the Netgear one though, probably okay.. maybe have a look around for some user reviews/feedback...

    for a simple solution you could pick up a cheap 5port 10/100 switch and plug the 2 machines and modem into it.. I have this setup at home and it works very well.. we use software based firewalls on our machines since we're not too worried about hackers..
  3. so these routers are more expensive because they got the firewall thing buikt into them? if it comes with out it how much cheaper would it cost then?
  4. RobbieSan

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    without the actual routing functions it's just a 4 port switch.. I just got an SMC 5pot switch for like $50 at Future Shop (Canada).. works very well.. simple plug n play set up...
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  6. i actually do not care about any kind of firewalls. have dsl for about 2 years now or so. works great , no one coming in or something. so i dont care. i'm guessing i'll order the linksys one by the middle of the week then
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    Get a router w/ NAT built in. The Linksys is perfect for this and comes with nice software for it. Plug your DSL connection in it and all the puters you have. You then set up the IP addys for each machine and thanks to the NAT all are safe from intusion. You can even take it a step further and use a wireless hub attached to the router and not have to worry about cabling. a bit pricey and it cuts transfer rate to machines to 11 mbs a sec. but it makes life easy if you have desktops and lappers, just use usb wireless cards and presto, they all talk to each other.
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    So what are you folks feelings on the need for a software based firewall behind the router NAT? Is it any additional help or just overkill?
  9. Zedric

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    If you want protection from outgoig malicius traffic (worms and trojans) you'll need a software firewall.
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    Thank you Zedric

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    just addin my 2 cents. i personally have the Linksys router and it works great for me for sharing a dsl connection.
  12. yea ordered me that linksys was $60 there.should come within a week i hope.