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3 Dec 2002
i'm considering hosting a website from my home. i have a modem from verizon that seems to 'craps out' when i am browsing too many sites, using trillian (like AOL's instant messanger), and downloading torrents, so I am worried about a power-struggling modem teamed with a powerful router.

Is there a modem + router combination i should look for, or should i invest in just a more capable router and disable the feature on my current Verizon (Westell 327w) modem+router combo.

looking in to using either's or's program.
First off, I have used for a few different locations and had mixed results, not very reliable IMO.

Secondly, I would really go against hosting your own website. With the cost of hosting being so darn cheap these days, it's not really worth it. Keep in mind these factors:

-Power - you need your machine/server with the website running online 24x7
-Uptime - if your connection goes down for hours/days while you are away, your site is also down
-Backup - you are responsible for Disaster Recovery and Backup

Those are just the main factors off the top of my head, and when you can have someone else house it for a few bucks a month, not really worth it IMO.
I've always wanted a website on my home network so that I could store files and what not on it since I always seem to go somewhere and never have the right file for the job. I tinkered with IIS, but I couldn't sleep at night knowing that there were 50 million people trying to sabatoge that. I thought about running apache, but I could never get the dlls to play nice with IIS ( I have VS 2005/iis/framework 2.0 installed).

Then I found this:

From what I read, it will act like a DMZed PC for you so you won't have to keep a box out in the open :) As far as actually hosting a website, not sure how that would work with this router. Hosting plans are a dime a dozen now-a-days. Hard part is finding a domain name that is available.

Also, I 'm assuming you have verizon (since you mentioned verizon hardware), I've read reports that they have been blocking port 80, so you might have been defeated before even trying. Could be for the FIOS plans only though, not sure.

Not really a helpful thread, just tossing out an alternative suggestion.
Verizon currently does not block port 80.

Interesting they'd send you a Westell. I've had Verizon for... a long time now (was in their ADSL beta test with Microsoft back before they bought GTE) and they gave me an ugly looking Fuji DSL modem and tried to send me a Linksys BEFSR41 router which met a dire demise and was replaced.
... the cost of hosting being so darn cheap these days, it's not really worth it.....

/me waits for Lord to post onto this thread offering his incredible VFM hosting packages (one of which comes with a command panel now and is IMHO all you might need (unless you plan big bandwidth, he'll probably negotiate on that one though...).

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