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Router to Router


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Hi All :p

I'm dropping the idea for an ftp site , been there done that! ;)
Now what i would like to know if possible.Is there is anyway to connect to my friends house through router to router . I am aware of VPN but not quite sure. I would like to have a direct network to my friends house like wan to wan.On a small like intrenet.Is there certain software i would need?What would the quickest way to tranfer files and access his network? :confused:

Any help much appreciated :D

PS. I'm using WINXP SP2 Belkin Router 1.5meg broadband.
Friends) WINXP SP2 Belkin router 3.0meg broadband.


OSNN Junior Addict
Right ive connect to my friends server through VPN . Right I am the client, but we are having a problem mapping network drives. I understand i have to go to my computer right click and Map Network Drives , OK. Now im putting in
\\kellogs\\d and not finding nothing. I am supposed to put in , instead of the letter 'd' a NETid but we don't no what his net,id is. :confused:
I'm tearing the hairs out my a.s
Could anyone help to map network drives please.
PS when im connected to VPN as client i cannot access the internet is that normal?
Sorry to be stupid but it comes natural :D


Computer Genius
make sure that your friend has enabled "file and print sharing" over the VPN connection.

i've never done an over-the-internet VPN before...so i don't know whether or not you should still be able to access the internet :)


OSNN Junior Addict
OK. Update. I'm still connected to his computer also im accessing the internet through his pc at the moment.Now i can ping his server machine.
But still cant map drives. We are both behind routers. We both got File and print sharing enabled .
MMMMM still very confused.


OSNN Junior Addict
Came up with Network path not found, very strange because im still connect through VPN and still using the internet through his server , also ive just accessed his router info page.



Random Apple Dude
Stupid suggestion. Have you tried manually sharing Files / Folders?

Also, are you sure ports have been properly opened/routed?

Just a couple of things that came to mind :)
Mainframeguy said:
I'm not sure if you're still doing this - but SP2 requires a hotfix for VPN to work, see KB884020
KB884020 doesn't contain the word "VPN"

and in fact, i've had no problems hosting or connecting to a VPN with my machine running SP2.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
cpugeniusmv said:
...i've had no problems hosting or connecting to a VPN with my machine running SP2.
Interesting, I still cannot connect to my company VPN now I am on SP2 - I did get that hotfix and applied it, which gave me a little more success insofar as I could get a TN3270 screen to download, but when I tried to send back my login it times out still....

I do not suppose you had to configure anything with SP2? Windering what my issue could be - have even tried with firewall completely disabled (I am behind router) and still no success.... any help appreciated.

[EDIT] I have ZERO problem CONNECTING to the VPN, it is making any use of that connection that fails, IE my TN3270 or OUTLOOK - and I have tried adding them to the exceptions list of programs for the firewall too. [/EDIT]
PS I realise the hotfix did not mention VPN but it can be relevant I believe depending on how the VPN server works.

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