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Mar 21, 2006
Hey all,
I had a Linksys BEFSR81 (8-port wired) router for over 2 years and had zero problems, so I never really looked into the information on the router too much.

I recently bought a Linksys wireless router for use with my Xbox360. It has 4 wired ports, and I figured I'd use just that. It seems to consistently die when I'm using BitTorrent (connection count maybe?). It just happened earlier, I wasn't able to access any websites, but I could get into the router, and it was SLOOOOOOOOOOOW. Ideas?

I decided to hook up the wired router again, with the wireless going into it. Now, when setting up the wired, I noticed that the IP it got was, which is odd because it should be It still works oddly enough. Ideas?

Edit: I got the two working together with no problem finally! I used as a guide.

Basically it looks like this:

Cable In -> Wired Router
Wired Router Port 1 -> PC
Wired Router Port 2 -> PC
Wired Router Port 3 -> Wireless Router via uplink cable
Wireless Router to Wired Router via wired Port 1 via uplink cable (above)
Xbox360 -> Wireless Router

I'm still curious about the other stuff. I got uTorrent running now off the wired router, lets see what happens =)
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Mar 21, 2006
I left uTorrent running overnight, I checked in on it and it was good. Couple hours later, same thing happened where no machine on my network could access any websites.

I did a DHCP Release/Renew on the router (it was running normal speed, not like the wireless was running slow), that didnt work. I had to turn off my cable modem and back on to get things to work.

Confused, any ideas?

Ok, I was poking around the uTorrent website. It seems that the wireless Linksys WRT45G/GS's keep track of old connections for upto 5 days. So, I think my original idea might hold up - the number of connections.

You can read here

My only question is that I was not using my wireless router directly the second time, the only thing that uses that now is my Xbox360. But, I have unplugged the router and also limited the number of connections down more in uTorrent.

Will keep you guys posted.
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