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OK i bought a Seimens Speedstream 4 port dsl/cable router and now both my computers are getting kicked on and back off every few minutes. also my computer running win98 doesnt pick up the one running xp in the network neighborhood. Can anyone help me fix these problems?
The kicking problem is inside the router. One of my brothers friends has a similar problem with a Netgear router. Try updating the firmware or return the router.

The Windows networking of 98 and XP are somewhat different (connecting 98 to XP isn't trivial). But I think you should at least see the computer. Someone else probably have more knowledge on this matter.


For the network problem you should first ping the computer to see if it's there. Then make sure the protecols are set up correctly and that they are under the same subnetmask.

Anothet microsoft related thing is to make the workgroup called MSHOME this seems to work sometimes.


sk8, to make the other computers see eachother over tcp/ip, go into your network connections properties for that particular nic card, navigate to the advanced button, then the WINS tab, and set NetBios to default or set to enable if for some odd reason the default does not work. This will allow you to see the other clients, if all the cables are setup correctly.

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