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router problem

I have a router that i use on my computer for the advantages of it sending a wireless signal to a second computer and also it's function as a firewall. my problem is with sending files to other outside computers and different voip or phone softwares won't work behind it because of the NAT translation of the I.P. I've tried different settings on the router, DMZ and such with no luck. Is there a way to just cable around the router with a switch or some device to temporarily bypass the router while doing what i need to do?



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It depends on your ISP but you can probably just plug your modem directly into your computer, bypassing the router, unplug your modem for 30 secs or so, plug it back in and let it reset, reboot your computer, do what you need to do, and then do the same thing to put the router back into the loop when you are through.
What software is it more specifically? The only thing I came across that just wouldn't work (and I figured out why, so it wasn't configuration) was an older version of NetMeeting. But as long as the correct ports are forwarded most software should work well.
I have been doing that so far to handle the problem, but i was wondering if there is some kind of switch box i could use for ethernet cables. This is getting above my networking knowledge, but it seems there should be some way to do this without having to disconnect wires every time.
None that I've heard of. I think you're the only one who wants to do this. ;) Besides, you'd have to reconfigure the settings every time as well.

zedric is correct. make sure you have those ports opened so the apps that use them can function.

ex: i use teamspeak and i'm behind a router. i forward the port 8767 to my gaming machine's internal ip, so it can work.

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