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Router Problem

I just got a Netgear DG632 Router/modem it works great only
problem is when I go to run Soldier of Fortune 2 multiplayer
the game tells that I'm not connected to the Internet, when I am?

Any Ideas?


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Do any other applications work on the web? (IE, Outlook, other games)
Do you have a firewall installed? (dont know if netgear provides one, zonealarm, etc)


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What falconguard said. The router's firewall is probably blocking access for the ports the program uses.
falconguard said:
does it have an option for a DMZ, if so enable it, or you can forward ports, either should work for you.
I'd never use DMZ since it completely disables the protection the router gives you. Much better to just forward the ports the game uses for multiplayer. It might the cause.
If you don't want to use DMZ. Go to the FAQs for SOF and find out what ports need to be forwarded. There will be something like an "Advanced" tab on the router set up. Go into that and look for port forwarding. Enter the SOF ports for the Internal IP address of the machine you game from. You may need to set the same port triggers also.

Some games are a lot more demanding than basic applications like IE, Email, Messenger, etc. because you have to be visible to everyone in the lobbies and the game. Microsoft games played on MS Zone are the worst. I just give up and open DMZ for those.

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