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5 Jun 2002
I just took off my router and made a direct connections from my modem to the pc since I'm not using the other pc so much., but I noticed there is a different in speed loss.Before taking off the router the speed was between 10 - 12.7 mbps but after that direct hooking it lowers down to 9- 9.5 mbps.Is there wrong somewhere ?? I did the speed test a few times yesterday and today to see any difference in the loss packet.I'm connected withan ADSL.I thought it was the other way round ...??!!
could it be ISP

I'd guess the router would have a tiny tiny overhead - mainly only if you had something else using it - so my guess is just variation in service level from your ISP
*sometimes* and dont take my word for this, i would have to go back to the books but... i think some routers have built in repeaters, basically it repeats the signal recieved... so really it might have just been "boosting" your signal slightly.... simple solution, re-link the router :D
celticfan11 said:
hubs are multiport REPEATERS
not routers :)
plus a 'repeater' would delay a packet not make it faster. I tell ya CelticFan11 these kids now a days. :D
lol yeah if hubs made the signal faster people would actually use hubs again lol
celticfan11 said:
lol yeah if hubs made the signal faster people would actually use hubs again lol
You mean they dont.... dahhhh derrr.. I thought they worked with magic or something... I am gonna stop now. I am being a bad mod. shame shame:eek:

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