router - non router question ?

I just took off my router and made a direct connections from my modem to the pc since I'm not using the other pc so much., but I noticed there is a different in speed loss.Before taking off the router the speed was between 10 - 12.7 mbps but after that direct hooking it lowers down to 9- 9.5 mbps.Is there wrong somewhere ?? I did the speed test a few times yesterday and today to see any difference in the loss packet.I'm connected withan ADSL.I thought it was the other way round ...??!!


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could it be ISP

I'd guess the router would have a tiny tiny overhead - mainly only if you had something else using it - so my guess is just variation in service level from your ISP


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*sometimes* and dont take my word for this, i would have to go back to the books but... i think some routers have built in repeaters, basically it repeats the signal recieved... so really it might have just been "boosting" your signal slightly.... simple solution, re-link the router :D


celticfan11 said:
hubs are multiport REPEATERS
not routers :)
plus a 'repeater' would delay a packet not make it faster. I tell ya CelticFan11 these kids now a days. :D


celticfan11 said:
lol yeah if hubs made the signal faster people would actually use hubs again lol
You mean they dont.... dahhhh derrr.. I thought they worked with magic or something... I am gonna stop now. I am being a bad mod. shame shame:eek:

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