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23 Feb 2008
My boyfriend is using a belkin to get connected to the internet and recently he keeps losing conection all the time. I don't know what he did or what happened but when he bring up ie explore page loads for a second then says no internet connection i am not having no problem at all. The box and the card is lit up like crazy but he just cannot stay connected what so ever can anyone tell me what has gone wrong.:cry:
If I'm understanding this correctly, you are both accessing the internet through this router and I'm assuming via a wired connection? If the connection is dropping, there could be an issue with either his wire, the port on the router he's connected to, or his network card. For ease of troubleshooting, maybe try a different cable for a few days. Then, try being connected to a different port on the router (maybe switch with the port you are connected to since you know it works). Also verify he has up to date NIC drivers.

You could also check in the event viewer on his system for any errors/warnings around the time that the connection drops (start - run - eventvwr.msc)

Let us know :)

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