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Router Issue with downloading, Please need help from



i try to download stuff of soulseek and usually the firewalls dont bug me cuz i can find what i want off a good person but its really starting to bug the **** outa me. i find what i want but I CANT DOWNLOAD becuase of stupid ass firewall. is there a way i can disable it so i can download more ****? sorry if this doesnt make sense. yeah. i have a cable modem and a netgear router...

I dont know the firewall, I think its "built in" with my router, I have a NETGEAR RT314 router and my OS is Windows XP.

Thank you for the help!


well it might not be with you... XP firewall is lame at best, but to disable it go to COntrol Panel > double click Network Connections > right click on LAN Connection left click on Properties > Advanced tab and unchecked the Use XP firewall.

But i dont think thats the problem... I think the ppl you are trying to d/l off of have firewalls installed and wont allow d/l's off them.

You get what you pay for...


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It's more than likely the built in XP Firewall. Disable it as PseudoKiller has recommended, but also if you have any other software firewall running on your machine such as Zone Alarm you should have it set to "medium" in the "internet zones". Otherwise you will have major problems downloading on alot of if not all sites.

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