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Router + ISP


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I live in a remote village in west sussex called steying, broadband?? what the hell is that?!!

I am an ISDN'er - 64k and I get a ping below or the same as other Cable and Broadband users anyway that is beside the point,

BT have introduced a trigger level service to get Broadband Britian on the map, they set an amount for each town that could have a chance of getting broadband some are 600+ other are 100 mine is 200, i have been checking this every week and it has just hit 190 so 10 more people and we get it "fingers crossed".

Anyway it will cost me a fortune to get cos I'll have to pay for my ISDN to be downgraded to a single BT line (£70 or near) then pay for the line to have BB (£40) then a adsl router (£50-£100) now for a schoolboy who is only 15 and get's £40 a week working ain't so easy thats why I am trying to find a router that is of reasnoble price and quality best I have found so far is:

http://www.netgear.globaldirect.co.uk/?sn=2084984192 the "NETGEAR RP114 Cable/DSL Web Safe Router with 4-Port 10/100 Mbps Switch"

That is a modem and router ain't it?

Right and the other was the ISP best I have found is: http://www.giointernet.com/

Any help would be good,




xp m0nk3y
Ok, first of all modems and routers are two different things. A modem modulates outgoing digital signals from a computer and demodulates the incoming analog signal and converts it to a digital signal. A router connects to similar networks. eg a LAN and the net.

That router is fine. Its is not a modem. If you are making the switch to broadband your ISP should provide you with a modem. So you don't really need to worry about that. All routers do the same basic thing. Really any router will work. The price of that one seems to be right, so go for it.

hope this helps



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Thankyou for your reply,

I have now relised that it is not a modem but only a router where can I get a ADSL router with 1 uplink port (to ADSL line) and one Ethernet port (to my hub) I need it to include a built in modem because I do not want to spend money buying a modem as well.

Thankyou in advance,



xp m0nk3y
if you are getting aDSL then that router that you mentioned in your first post will work. i don't know how things work in the UK but here in Canada the ISP provides you with a dsl modem at no extra charge. the cost of the modem is part of your monthly free.

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