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Router Constantly Screwing up

my router has started to randomly stop working. Lately it's been doing it a lot and it's starting to get really annoying as the only way to get my internet back is turn my router off then back on...any ideas on the problem?


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Unless you provide a little more info (brand, specific symptoms of the problem, connection setup details, etc..) I would suggest getting a new router.
Three things can cause lock ups:

Too hot.
Poor power input (spikes mainly).
The router is dying.

Eliminate the first 2 with better/cooler location and a line filter and it's new router time.

Another possibility is a firmware bug but that would probably have always been there. Check the D-link site for FAQs and firmware upgrade. Only upgrade if the new version says it helps your problem. Newer is not always better.


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You could try a firmware update. Also check the cable connections to see if any have a prob. A loose connection can affect connectivity. Or a bad cable.


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I've experienced poor ventilation on the router which was one reason for my router stalling. The other thing is update of firmware which also helped keep it running 24/7.

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