Route RCA through old laptop to VGA


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13 Nov 2007
I have this old Compaq Armada 4120 that has an RCA(NTSC) out video jack and a VGA out jack. I was wondering if there was a way to hotwire it or something so i can route the NTSC to the VGA and (for instance) watch movies off a VCR on the laptop screen. I am not afraid to use a soldering pencil to hotwire anything. The laptop has no OS in it, as the Window95 in it corrupted. I have had it apart before, so I kinda know it.

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19 Feb 2003
I don't think it will work. That port is output and is treated as a secondary monitor buy the video card. It's not just a split of the video card's output (out of the card split to the port and the LCD).

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