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Room Riddle...


I may actually be insane.
It's Sunday, and I'm bored, so I thought I'd pass on something a friend asked everyone at work yesterday...

The Room
There's a room, and only certain objects are allowed into the room due to a rule that is imposed, the room has walls, but three not four, the room can have a floor but no ceiling, you may take in a pizza, with cheese, but no ham.

What is the rule?

Rules for this thread:
1. Don't post the answer here, it will spoil it for others, instead send it to me via PM/Email/IM/IRC (all available in my profile) and your name will be edited into this post.

2. You may ask if objects are allowed in, then I, or others who know the answer can confirm if the item is or is not allowed into the room.

3. There are no clues (You'll understand when you figure it out) however if you ask for an object that may enter, one can be posted.

Enjoy :p :D

Correct Answers
  1. Khayman
  2. dexter
  3. Lee
  4. Ohzopants
  5. Ferretlovers
  6. muzikool
  7. Electronic Punk
  8. Henyman
  9. lad_in_brum
  10. Mainframeguy
  11. Hybrid
  12. Nick

Warning The answer has been posted later in this thread, if you wish to view the answer, click here


how about a table?? I'd like to have a table to eat the pizza off of ... and a chair. So can I have a table and a chair??


I may actually be insane.
(Khayman) is there an exit?
(SPeedY_B) Nope, no exit
(Khayman) i knew you where going to say that
(SPeedY_B) heh :)

(dexter) It built like a triangel?
(SPeedY_B) nope

(Khayman) are their lights in the room
(SPeedY_B) no

(Khayman) are there windows
(SPeedY_B) no

(Khayman) is there a mirror
(SPeedY_B) there can be, yeah :)

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