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Rome: Total War


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Hey, just read a 5 star review of this game recently released by Creative. Anyone out there played it or have an opinion on this or it's earlier predecessors? I ran a forum search but only turned up legacy threads and would be interested in any feedback there might be before I part with my hard earned cash :rolleyes:


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Yes - this is third in a series I have surmised from my googlings, the first was Medieval and the second Samurai I believe (Medieval is the one that turns up in legacy posts).

Chances are I may well buy and if no one else has reviewed here by then I will give my opinions (assuming there's some interest). Just thought I would enquire since it is a new release and some of the Stateside gamers here might already be playing...


Quazatron R6 droid
Almost right, Mainframe guy :)

The First was Shogun: Total War (currently avaliable cheap in the gold edition) and the sequal was Medieval: Total War. Both games spawned an expansion - not sure what the Shogun expansion was as I never bought it but the Medieval expansion was called Viking Invasion or some similar name because I have it.

I intend to get it eventually as medieval was quite good - its one of the rare games where you need a good tactical mind especially on harder levels in terms of controlling battlefield troops etc which act like real units for most of the time (they get tired while fighting, if they are losing they try retreating, if they are winning they charge etc). Its worth picking up if you want a thinking strategy game in other words, and Medieval should be cheap now as well with the release or Rome.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Well - bought this at the weekend, but not able to review as yet...

Hey Keshik - is yours playing stable? I installed and ran and before I could do ANYTHING - like all I had done was clicked away my advisor, the system froze to a black screen.

I am suspecting my 9700 pro, maybe overheating or something.... dunno. Have latest catalyst drivers on - just thought I would ask incase there are patched or anything. If you could post back your graphics card and experiences with this game I will be able to narrow things down to maybe my card having problems with gaming.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
yeah I was finding that last night - quite an "old skool" game, but tactical and maybe the best of it's type.... not sure how much I will play, but always good to slot in for an occasional change maybe?


OSNN Junior Addict
I've been having problems with the stability as well mainframe guy, I'm running a 9600xt but i don't think its due to overheating card temp seems fine when i check it.
Please somebody get this game away from me before I die lack of sleep... Seriously, because of the long weekend I've played it about 18 hours in the last 24. Normally, I dislike strategy games, but this one feels so alive and personal that I just couldn't stop.

The music is gorgeous, the painstaking attention to detail in the battles is beyond belief, and I just can't get enough of conquering things.

If you watch an individual troop in a battle, you'll see that they're not just randomly swinging weapons and having enemies just randomly fall down. I actually can see mounted cavalry turning, stabbing, and the enemy falling--everything looks exactly like it should look. Going into the field for battle feels just like you're inside the opening scene of Gladiator.

With the patch, it hasn't crashed on me once...9800 Pro, XP 2800+, Nforce2 board.

Well enough of this chatter. I actually have to work hard tomorrow, so night night...Zzz

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